General Podiatry

Orthotics or insoles are podiatric medical devices placed into your footwear designed specifically to improve foot & lower limb function and biomechanical disorders and foot pain. We use them in the short term when we need to reduce stress within an injury and correct biomechanical faults. And in the long term when someone has a repetitive injury, biomechanical disorders within the foot or a deformity of the foot. They will also allow you to continue exercising as much as you can while your injury resolves.

How do custom foot orthotics help?

  • Support your feet and legs whenever weight bearing to increase confidence and sports performance
  • Improve chronic and acute sports injuries
  • Optimise shoe fit and comfort and absorb shock
  • Alter abnormal foot functioning position to correct many common foot aliments or prevent them from getting worse
  • Help your child’s foot grow in more neutral or anatomically aligned position

What conditions do orthotics treat?

  • Flat feet : hypermobile pronated flat feet causing muscle overuse pain, pressure areas
  • Arch pain : plantar fascial strain, abductor hallucis brevis oversue
  • Heel pain : plantar fasciitis and plantar heel bursitis
  • Shin splints : medial tibial stress syndrome, compartment syndrome
  • Forefoot pain : morton’s neuroma, hammer toe, claw toe, bunions

Other Orthotics

Moonboots- These are the modern alternative to casts and allow patients to essentially remove their casts when showering or sleeping for a more functional life.
Ankle Braces- After an ankle sprain, an ankle can be left with pain and instability. Ankle Braces allow you get back to normal life quicker and reduce the likelihood of another sprain. We stock many types and sizes of braces.
Bunion Splints- These are discrete Velcro adhering splints that help realign the big toe joint at night. This can help with the deformity
Leg length raises- Leg length differences are a very common and normal human variant and can also be caused by major traumas. Unlike other podiatrists and health professions, we custom make our raises to correct a length leg difference accurately and from the heel to toe.
Heel Raises- We supply over the counter raises and bespoke raises. These are used to take stress off the achilles tendon and calf muscles.