Our Consultation Fees

This clinic employs mature and experienced Physiotherapists, Acupuncturist and Massage therapist who have spent many years within the profession developing exceptional skills and expertise. Because of our high standard of care and expertise we charge a co-payment with ACC consultations. The time we spend with clients is key to achieving the results we do.


ACC Co-payments Physiotherapists
Initial/ Follow Up $30.00
Senior Initial/Follow Up (Over 65+) $20.00
Saturday Initial/ Follow Up $40.00
Saturday Senior Initial/Follow Up (Over 65+) $30.00
Private Payment Physiotherapists
Private consultation $95.00

Sport specific assessment and treatment – Simon Ro & Mila Park

ACC Co-payments Private Payment
One hour session $40.00 $100.00

ACC Approved Surcharge with Acupuncturist

AGE 0 to 64 inclusive AGE 65+ inclusive
$20.00 per Acupuncture session $15.00 per Acupuncture session

Private Consultation with Acupuncturist

Private Payment Acupuncturist
Private Consultation $95.00 per Acupuncture session