Zen Deng

Master of Chinese Medicine, BHSc (Physiotherapy)

Zen obtained her Bachelor and Master degree of Chinese medicine in 2011 after 7 seven years of training in both Chinese medicine and Western medicine from Beijing university of Chinese medicine. With an interdisciplinary educational background, her work experience has involved diverse scenarios including Chinese medicine and western medicine hospitals in China, spa company on cruise ship in U.S.A, and local clinics in New Zealand as acupuncturist, TCM doctor and physician.

Her passion towards healing has motivated her to dive into the strengths of Chinese medicine. Incorporating the training from Dr. Tan’s balance method in her practice, the approaches of integrating distal and local acupuncture with cupping and bloodletting has helped her patients achieve extraordinary benefits on musculoskeletal injuries and pain management. As a lover of mountain climbing and yoga, she believes strength and flexibility are fundamental to body movement.